We deliver professional effective and affordable web solutions that suits every need

At iGauri Solutions our business philosophy is simple: our success depends on the success of our customers. By offering their products and services online, our clients and their customers benefit from a virtual showroom, open 24/7, with instant payment processing, easy order status tracking and many other features and opportunities. We make it easy for buyers to find products to purchase; and administrators can manage their entire inventory, process orders, run marketing campaigns, produce meaningful reports; and most importantly, have their finger on the pulse of their online business.

Our team works with you personally to understand your requirements. We then create your site in a timely manner, get your approval of our work, and publish your Web site to the Internet. It's that simple. We provide web solutions for all levels of business; from start-up promotional websites, to interactive 3D flash websites, e-commerce websites, or full-blown enterprise level websites with vigorous content and asset management systems or two screen (computer / smart mobile / tablet) enabled websites.

Choose iGauri Solutions as your customized website development partner to take your online business to the forefront.


eCommerce Website

At iGauri solutions we develop customized eCommerce solutions. We create solutions for our clients such as static websites, eCommerce websites, mobile apps, and online management systems – for all business sizes – from start-ups to multi department wholesale websites. Whether you are looking to redesign your existing website, equip it with additional modules, or you are building a website for the first time; we provide you with all the custom web application services you need to take your brand to new heights.

Web Design / Applications

We design websites and associate web applications, providing our client with tools that help out with a variety of features; for editing content of pages, listing, revising or updating product information on your website or online comparison and shopping portals like eBay, Amazon, Price Grabber; managing the content of your mobile app; reviewing and processing orders, planning shipping schedules and many other options. If you have an idea for an online tool, we will work with you transform your idea into reality.


Internet Marketing

Most internet users would tell you that they all start off at a search engine before they proceed to buy a product or service online. Appearing in the top listings of searches for keywords that best describe your service could guarantee the success of your online business. We provide our client with internet marketing campaigns that are designed to increase their website's visibility. Our packages include Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click campaigns and professional video presentations designed to optimize and promote your website effectively to your target audience. Our web designing and development practices comply with the best SEO practices in the industry.

Mobile / iPhone Applications

At iGauri solutions ltd we focus on providing web solutions for cross-platform content delivery. We help our clients take advantage of a rapidly evolving media landscape by providing high end novel mobile apps and mobile websites that are pride and joy of our clients and a delight for their customers to use. Our apps are designed to work in sync with your existing websites, so that you are able to control inventory on your websites as well as the apps from a single window, giving you total control of your online sales outlets.


Open Source Customization

Our developers are adept at developing a variety of net based applications and modules that would help you expand your business online. We make use of available open source platforms like Joomla, Word Press, Drupal, Magento, etc to develop appealing, cost effective solutions quickly.

Custom eBay Stores

At iGauri solutions ltd, we help you achieve successful branding and cross selling opportunities on your website as well as other sale portals. We develop attractive layouts and spreads, integrate customized modules, all designed to utilize the selling opportunities available on eBay. Our customized eBay Lister tool is ideal to list and manage multiple listings of products on your eBay store. The tool is integrated so that you are able to prepare feeds directly from the database of an existing website. Our eBay setup and template design services aim to provide you with effective branding of your business.



Ensuring you have a proper brand name building strategy, gripping brand identity and a captivating brand name are mandatory for the successful execution of your positioning strategy in the present day aggressive brand equity battles. We work with you to utilize the best practices and online marketing tools to fabricate an effective strategy to capitalize on Internet business opportunities. iGauri solutions ltd provides you with an organized perspective that would help you make better decisions; whether it is about launching a new brand online, optimizing an existing website, or making the transition from a small operation to a larger scale.

iGauri Solution Features

Responsive layout Responsive Layouts

With new advanced devices hitting the market daily, and consumers turning to feature rich smart phones and tablets to surf the net and socialize, having a responsive designed website ensures that your business is well exposed on every possible device potential customers could ever use. The Responsive Web Design Concept is an amalgamation of technologies and ideas and not just a single platform. This concept ensures that web design would maintain the consistency of all elements across all the devices i.e. desktops, laptops, mobiles.

iPhone & iPad Applicationiphone-and-ipad-300x300

We develop custom-made applications intended to provide customers with an additional platform to promote their products, as well as redirect traffic to their website. We deal successfully with all levels of complexity and innovations, providing robust high end iPhone / iPad apps - that are the pride and joy of our clients and delight for their customers to use. Our apps have helped our clients increase their business online and receive winning results.

Android ApplicationAndroid Application

Android distribution started in 2007 with the founding of the open handset alliance. By October 2011 there were more than 500,000 apps available for android, these apps continue to roll out every day. Although most apps launched on this very popular platform are for entertainment and games, we focus on developing apps that help improve brand recognition effectively, putting our clients products in the hands of prospective customers efficiently. Our apps are easy to manage; we link them with existing websites, and provide online tools to manage them with ease.

Mobile Friendly Website MakeoverMobile Friendly Website Makeover

Visit any popular research of information website and you are told that more and more individuals worldwide are using smart phones and tablets to browse the internet for information. You too may have done so yourself.
Today not having a mobile-optimized website means that you miss out on the opportunity to reach millions of mobile users. We develop mobile friendly websites for our customers, ensuring that their websites are always accessible to mobile users around the globe.

Customer supportHelpful Support

We provide each of our customers with the necessary support they need while having their website built, and later on to maintain and carry out upgrades as required. Our team of customer support specialists have a deep knowledge of trends and technologies are provide expert advice on topics pertaining to the every facet of the website development and maintenance process.